The core principles of DevOps are about bringing together People, Process and Technology in order to quickly deliver solutions to end users. While there is no prescriptive approach to DevOps, there certainly are common practices that can make every organization more successful in this endeavor, and we can help you in each of these areas. 


Remember, DevOps is NOT just tools! In the end, people are an organization's #1 asset. Putting together a strategy of how to best utilize people, in the right roles, will make huge strides in getting to your desired future state. 


You can have all the right people and the greatest tools in the world, but without a solid process, it will not work. We've seen it over and over. Developing a process of how to manage the entire application lifecycle will help to break down walls of confusion and remove obstacles. 


There are lots of tools in this space, but we've seen the evolution of the Microsoft tooling move into the forefront. Visual Studio Team Services is THE go-to platform for DevOps.

Common Practices

Here are just a few of the areas to consider as you build out your desired ALM/DevOps future state: 

  • Agile and Work planning
  • Source Control and Branching
  • Build Management
  • Test and Test Case Management
  • Release Management
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • And more! 

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