OCC Items for June 2017

Spring is in full swing as we enter the month of June. As such, there is a new list of items we are collecting. These items are from what I'll call the "fun" category. While kids certainly need all the essentials like hygiene items and clothes, they are kids too! They love getting toys or dolls just like our own kids. So this month's items are toys for boys and dolls (or toys) for girls. Check out the June items below and see how we are tracking towards our goal. We still have a ways to go to hit 200!

Shoebox Item Tracker

Month Item Quantity Collected
January Shirts 77
January Socks 143
February Flashlights 22
February Batteries (AAA) 48
March Sunglasses 3
April Stuffed Animals (Small) 1
May Toothbrushes 16
May Soap 73
May Chapstick 6
May Bandaides 0
May Washcloths 13
May Combs 0
June Toy (Boy) 0
June Toy/Doll (Girl) 0


Operation Christmas Child

In case you missed what Operation Christmas Child is and why we are collecting these items, check out the full blog story here

Thanks again for any support you provide. I pray that God richly blesses you in this month of June and we have some great weather to enjoy.

Well done!