Speaking at Chicago ALM User Group

in DevOps

I'm super excited to be presenting at the Chicago ALM User Group on Tuesday, May 23rd at 6pm at the Microsoft Offices in Downers Grove. I'll be presenting on Infrastructure as Code with Azure and Visual Studio Team Services. The event description is below with a link to register. Hope to see you there!



In order to be successful in today's global marketplace, organizations are moving to a more agile approach to software development. In order to be competitive, organizations must look to reduce lead times from years to weeks. One of the barriers to this are the lead times of provisioning infrastructure. Enter DevOps. And what is one way DevOps can accomplish such a herculean feat…Infrastructure as Code!

Infrastructure as Code is all about automating the work of IT Operations and treating it like application code. This session will be jam-packed with Visual Studio, Git, VSTS, PowerShell, ARM, Azure, OMS, DSC and more as we show how we can automate the provisioning and management of our infrastructure…all as code.

How are your environments provisioned today? Are you still racking servers, managing environments on a spreadsheet or deploying infrastructure with "Next…Next…Finish"? If so, this session is for you!

Attendees will learn the following objectives:
*** What Infrastructure as Code is
*** How Azure can help automate the process of environment provisioning
*** Create a full end-to-end solution of automating infrastructure and operations

SIDE NOTE: Donovan Brown spoke at the last user group and Aaron Bjork will be speaking at the following one. For the record, that's not fair, but I'll do my best to show some cool stuff! :-)

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