Midwest Management Summit 2017

in DevOps

I'm super excited to be speaking again at the Midwest Management Summit (MMS) at the Mall of America in Minnesota this year. The event is from Monday 5/15 - Thursday 5/18. Below are the sessions I'll be speaking at. If you plan to attend the conference, come on by! I'd love the chance to meet, say hi, talk automation and DevOps, etc. MMS is such a fun event and hope to see you there!

*** Servers are Cattle, Not Pets - Infrastructure as Code ***

In this session, I will be speaking with Donnie Taylor on the Release Pipeline Model and how through VSTS, we can easily and quickly deploy infrastructure as code. 

*** I don't Git it! Source Control Management Deep Dive with TFVC and Git ***

Along with Nathan Lasnoski, we'll be diving into source control management. How Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) and Git work, when to use one over the other and how quickly you can start using tools like VSCode and Visual Studio to interact with source code repos in places like GitHub or VSTS. 

*** DevOps for the IT Pro with Azure and Visual Studio Team Services ***

In this session, Nate and I will dive into the world of DevOps, what this means for IT Pros and how the the different Microsoft DevOps toolsets help enable this transformation. This session is packed with goodies like VSTS, PowerShell, ARM, Azure, OMS, DSC and more!

Well done!