The White Ficus Difference

 I’m often asked the question, “Why should I work with you over other consulting groups?”. While there is much to write here, I came up with an analogy that I feel makes the point (Well... close anyway).

Nothing beats Grandma’s cooking!

It’s just about dinner time at your house and you’re really looking for something flavorful, so you decide to eat out. You have two choices, eat at a fancy restaurant or go over to Grandma’s house.

At the fancy restaurant, you are greeted at the door by the hostess who leads you to the coat check, where someone takes your coat. They take you to your table and your server comes and takes your order. You order your food, which is prepared by the chef and their sous chefs. The server and their helper bring you the food. And after you eat your food and are on your way, the busers come and clean it up. In all, it may have taken some 10 people to make that meal possible.

At Grandma’s house it’s in some ways similar, but at the same time, very different. She greets you at the door with a warm welcome and takes interest in how your day has been. She takes your coat and helps you get all settled in and comfortable. She makes the most delicate and flavorful meal you’ve had in weeks and does it all with a smile. And when it’s time to leave, she gives you a little extra to take home so you can enjoy it later.

So what is the White Ficus difference?

OK, so not the perfect analogy, but the point is the same. We focus on quality and relationships. We want to make sure that not only you have the best experience, but the most flavorful "meal" possible. When it comes to your organization, your business, you want to ensure you're working with the best. Working with a true trusted partner. When you work with White Ficus, here is just a few things you can expect:


We value you and your business. We also value our word. No gimmicks, no resourcing tricks, just doing what we say we'll do. Period. 


We form trusted relationships with our clients, not just a set of resources.


One true expert in the business who knows how to answer your questions. You have one point of contact, one architect, one owner who can get you what you need.


We're here to serve. Whatever your goals are, we want to help you get there. We are a trusted partner, one who's in this together with you. 


We've been doing this for a long time. We've seen organizations and developed solutions of all shapes and sizes. You're not getting someone who's learning on the job. You are getting seasoned veterans.


We believe in sharing, and sharing the knowledge in the IT community. With Microsoft MVP's on staff, you are getting a wealth of knowledge, and folks who share that knowledge.

Want to learn more? Contact us on how we can help you get where you're going!

Ok, I realize the analogy falls apart in a few places because I’m not (for many reason) a Grandma, you should really help your Grandma clean up and this “Grandma” can’t offer the whole meal for free :-)