Application lifecycle

In modern application development, there's certainly no shortage of terminology in the industry. We have the Software Development Lifecycle, (SDLC), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and DevOps. Some also like to include Portfolio Management and Service Desk into this mix. So what's what?

Traditionally, SDLC was really concerned with how projects were designed or planned. It also sort of assumed the waterfall approach of project management. With the adoption for more agile approaches, the term has still floated around and really concerns itself with disciplines such as requirements analysis, design and even development.

In thinking of the whole application lifecycle, DevOps has emerged and there exists quite a bit of overlap with SDLC, however it mainly tends to focus on development, testing and the deployment of code. Now while one can argue that there's a good amount of overlap in these areas, it's certainly become a distinction that even Microsoft has made.

So where does ALM fit in? ALM is all of the above. It's the management of the entire application lifecycle from birth to death. It covers all aspects of both SDLC and DevOps, such as:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Agile and Work planning
  • Development
  • Build
  • Test
  • Release
  • Maintenance
  • IT Service Management

When developing and supporting applications, it's vital to have an all-up ALM strategy that will help you succeed into the future. While organizations look to adopt the latest technologies, stay ahead of the curve and transform their business, they also need an ALM strategy to help them get there. That's where we come in! With years of industry experience, we can help ensure you are setting yourself up for continued growth and success.

In today's world, IT now stands for Innovation and Transformation. Let us help you with your DevOps journey. Contact us to help you get started!